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      Do you want to want to experience NYC minus the hangovers?  Well then you're in the right place b/c   here at Sober Fun NYC there are lots of FUN SOBER EVENTSHEALTHY ACTIVITIES and  MORE.  to explore.    Let us show you all the hangover-free  fun that NYC has to offer.


    Sober is definitely not boring.  So don't believe the myth.  Sober Fun NYC is committed to helping you discover lot's of  fun activities to do w/out drinking  and to showing you that there's so much more to this city than bars/clubs and the drinking nightlife.


       There is no limit to what you can do w'out the booze: Climb a mountain, dance till dawn, swim naked, fly a plane, learn to cook or just chill with your favorite friends.   We'll show you that having fun sober is not only possible but can be a total blast.


     Our goal here at  SOBER FUN NYC  is to keep the fun going.   So get ready to fill your social calendars with lots of new fun events and activities,  all minus the hangovers.  

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